Disabled Parking in Bothell, Washington

At Worthington Licensing in Bothell, Washington, we are able to issue Disabled Parking Permits. A licensed physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse practitioner must determine if you qualify for disabled parking privileges.

Temporary and Permanent Disabled Parking Permits for Individuals

Bring your Disabled Parking Application for Individuals and original signed prescription into Worthington Licensing to receive your Disabled Parking Permit. Make sure your doctor completes the “Healthcare Provider” section on the application. The prescription needs to include the doctor's letterhead and signature and the name of the individual of whom the permit is being issued to. You will receive your placard instantaneously. An “Individual with Disabilities Parking Privilege” ID card and detailed information about using the placard will be mailed separately in 1-2 weeks. Keep the ID card in your wallet or purse. You must provide it to law enforcement when requested.
Permanent disability privileges expire every five years. A renewal notice will be sent 45 days prior to the expiration date. Have your doctor fill out and sign the “Healthcare Provider” section on the renewal notice and provide you with a new original signed prescription. Temporary disability privileges expire anywhere from one month to one year from the date it was noted by your physician. If you need it longer you must start over and apply for another placard.
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Where to park using your disability placard

You can park:
  • On the street, for free in any parking space that is time restricted (including metered parking). This does not apply to privately-owned parking lots or areas reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.)
  • In any specially-designated disabled parking space. Van-accessible spaces are designed for use by wheelchair vans. Use them only if you drive a wheelchair van or no other disabled parking spaces are available.
You cannot park:
  • Where stopping, parking, or standing of all vehicles is prohibited.
  • Reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.)